Traveling & Pump Therapy

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Traveling with diabetes means careful planning.

Take extra supplies! Remember to bring a "backup" pump, syringes and a bottle of long-acting insulin.

Traveling with diabetes always requires careful planning and preparation. When using an insulin pump, there are extra supplies to consider.

Special points about insulin pumps

  • Consider taking an extra insulin pump, especially if traveling abroad. Contact pump company for a loaner pump.
  • Pump supplies: Take extra supplies!
    • reservoir cartridges
    • infusion sets
    • batteries
    • skin site preparation supplies
    • Insulin and syringes and dosing instructions in case the pumps breaks.

When passing through security checkpoints:

  • Inform security screeners that you wear an insulin pump and are carrying diabetes supplies.
  • Understand that your insulin pump may trigger metal detectors. Do not disconnect your insulin pump for inspection.

You may also wish to bring a “backup” pump in case yours malfunctions. Even if you have a backup pump, be sure to have syringes and a bottle of long-acting insulin available and insulin dose instructions for a multiple-injection regimen from your medical provider.

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