Insulin pump workshop

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The insulin pump workshop is for people just starting pump therapy.

Those who want advanced training will also benefit from these two consecutive ½-day sessions.

Two consecutive ½-day sessions are available for individuals who are initiating insulin pump therapy or who want advanced training.

The UCSF Diabetes Teaching Center offers an insulin pump start class. This intensive course is offered every other month on two consecutive mornings and taught by pump educators/certified diabetes educators. Each patient is evaluated by a UCSF pump educator to assess competency and readiness prior to insulin pump start class. Our educators are familiar with all insulin pump models, and can help patients decide which pump will best suit his or her needs.

The course builds upon prior knowledge of diabetes management. The patient needs to demonstrate competency in the following areas before attending an insulin pump class:

  • Carbohydrate counting*
  • Insulin action*
  • Calculating insulin-to-carbohydrate ratio*
  • Calculating insulin for high blood glucose correction*
  • Blood glucose pattern interpretation*
  • Problem-solving skills*
  • Understanding increased risk of ketones on insulin pump**
  • Understanding advantages and disadvantages of insulin pump therapy**
  • Infusion set selection and placement**
  • Saline training on insulin pump**

Thank you for your excellent presentation. It will help me maintain a healthy life.

Insulin Pump Workshops

DAY 1, 8:30 am to 12 pm

  • Initiate pump therapy
  • Insert infusion set, start insulin pump therapy
  • Introductions
  • Review insertion technique, tips on inserting infusion set
  • Recommended daily checks
  • Pump tips
  • Pump expectation – monitoring blood glucose, foods, activities
  • Living with pump – sleep, shower, sex
  • Hyperglycemia & ketones – when & how to check
  • Insulin-on-Board (IOB)
  • Check out

DAY 2, 9:00 am to 12 pm

  • Check in, Review data from last night
  • Problem-solving blood glucose pattern
  • Extended bolus, Combination bolus
  • Emergency care tips, miscellaneous tips
  • Travel
  • Hypoglycemia – causes and treatment
  • Temporary Removal/Disconnect
  • Exercise
  • Check out

For further information, please contact us at (415) 353-2266. A physician referral and an appointment with a UCSF pump educator are required prior to attending course.

*Education offered through insulin workshop.
**Education offered through one-on-one appointment in pump clinic.

What Is The UCSF Diabetes Teaching Center Pump Start Process?

UCSF insulin pump start process

Our program consists of 3 components:

  1. getting ready to go on the pump – timeline is 2 to 3 months or more
  2. starting on the pump – you will attend two ½ day classes
  3. follow up – timeline is 2 to 4 weeks

I. Getting ready to start on the pump: (timeline 2 to 3 months or more)

Your Checklist

  • meet with pump educator
  • choose your pump
  • verify insurance coverage
  • make appointments with the pump team:
    • RN – 3 to 6 visits or more to verify self-management strategies. The last appointment must be within 4 weeks of starting the pump. Prior diabetes comprehensive diabetes management education is required and may include the Diabetes Teaching Center Insulin Workshop
    • RD – 1 to 3 visits or more for carbohydrate counting
    • MD – 2 to 3 visits or more to maximize glucose control on injections and determine future pump settings. The last appointment must be within 4 weeks of starting the pump
    • Pump educator – 2 to 4 visits or more to learn technical use of the pump and infusion set insertion
    • Manufacturer’s Pump Trainer – 1 visit approximately 1 week prior to your class to learn how to operate your pump and go on a trial of saline in the pump.

II. Starting on the pump: (timeline two ½ day classes)

You will attend an insulin pump start class on two consecutive mornings taught by certified diabetes educators.  This is when you will start pumping insulin.

III. Follow up: (timeline 2 to 4 weeks)

Make appointments with pump team

  • MD – 2 to 5 visits or more
  • RN – 2 to 4 visits or more
  • RD – 0 to 2 visits or more

Once you are given the dates for your pump class be sure to schedule your pump team follow up appointments.

Quotes provided anonymously on patient program evaluations.

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