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Using an insulin pump:

Even when using a pump, it is necessary to test blood glucose, count carbohydrate, adjust insulin dosing for exercise, stress, illness and so forth. The pump is programmed to deliver insulin, but you must tell it how much insulin to give - it does not automatically control blood sugars. It does provide more options on how to replace insulin.
What type of insulin is used with an insulin pump?

Rapid-acting analog insulin, such as to lyspro (Humalog®), aspart (Novolog®) and glulisine (Apidra®) are usually used with an insulin pump.
Insulin pumps can be used by:

A person with diabetes who needs insulin replacement MAY be a candidate for an insulin pump. However, just because someone MAY be a candidate, doesn't mean that they must or even should be treated with an insulin pump. People with type 2 diabetes - including many children - can also use an insulin pump, because it offers greater flexibility in insulin delivery.
Starting pump therapy requires:

All of the answers are correct. However, the best answer is "All of the above". Starting pump therapy requires time commitment, ability to pay for the pump and supplies, and education on how to use the pump safely and effectively.
Technical support, pump reliability, and customer service from pump companies are:

Technical support, pump reliability, and customer service are very important, and each company may have different support services available. Pumps can break, so the company you choose should have a good track record in all of those areas.
Infusion sets:

There are many different types of infusion sets available. Some have automatic inserters, some are inserted at a 90-degree angle, and some are inserted at a 30-degree angle. They also come in different lengths, and some sets can only be used with certain pumps.

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