How To Use Your Pump

insulin pump

Every insulin pump has common features you'll learn about here.

This section will give you an overview of basic pump functions to keep in mind when you read the instruction manual for your specific insulin pump.

There are common features to every insulin pump. While you need to read and follow the instruction manual for your specific insulin pump, this section give you an overview of basic pump functions.

In this section, you will find:

  • Programming your pump:
    Basic basal and bolus settings and advanced features including temporary basals, insulin on board and custom designed bolus patterns
  • Infusion Sets:
    What they are, and how to insert them
  • Ketones:
    Special ketone precautions for insulin pump users
  • Travel:
    How to use an insulin pump while traveling
  • Exercise:
    Exercise guidelines for individuals intensively managed with insulin

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