Exercise Principles

diabetic alert bracelet

Develop an exercise plan with your doctor.

Then take care of your feet, wear a medical tag, monitor your blood sugar frequently, and adjust your medicine accordingly.

Diabetes treatment includes being active, but you need to follow a few sensible steps before you begin an exercise regimen.

Step One:

Discuss your exercise plan with your health care provider and get clearance.

Step Two:

Practice good foot care. This is especially important if you have circulatory problems or diminished sensation in your feet from nerve damage. Wear absorbent socks and shoes that fit well. Be sure to inspect your feet daily, and promptly report any abnormalities to your doctor.

Step Three:

Wear a medical alert tag.

Step Four:

Monitor your blood sugar frequently if you are taking pills that release insulin from your pancreas or insulin.

Step Five:

Adjust your diabetes medication or insulin dose and food intake, as recommended by your medical team.


Every person’s body responds differently to these factors, making it critical to create a personalized plan of care including exercise, insulin and food adjustments, with your diabetes health care team.

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