Infusion Set Insertion

infusion set - photo by Manny Hernandez via Flickr

Infusion sets are most commonly inserted into the abdomen.

With clean hands, wash and dry the skin site thoroughly, prepare as recommended, and dispose of the needle properly.

Where is the infusion set inserted?

Common areas of insertion are the abdomen for adults, and the buttocks for young children. Thighs, hips and upper arms also are used.

Helpful tips on infusion sets and sites:

  1. Do not change an infusion site immediately before bedtime unless you are, or think you are, having a problem with your set. Change it at least 3 hours before going to sleep. This will allow you to check whether or not the set is working properly.
  2. Twice a day, check your infusion site, set and tubing. Make sure that there are no signs of infection at the site, that the infusion set is securely attached, and that there is no air in the tubing.
  3. Change your infusion set and site every 2-3 days, as directed by your doctor or pump educator. Pregnant women may need to change their set and site every day.

When changing the set:

  • Have all supplies ready on a clean surface
  • Wash and dry hands thoroughly
  • Wash and dry the skin site thoroughly
  • Prepare skin site as recommended by your doctor or diabetes educator
  • Always inspect the infusion set package to make sure it is sealed and undamaged
  • Dispose of infusion set needle properly

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