“I came across your page on calculating insulin doses, and I wanted to say thank you.

I have been diabetic for about 20 years, and have struggled to control my sugars over the years. No one has ever presented me with such clear information regarding insulin dosing. several doctors, and diabetes educators failed to even touch on the information you have presented here. At most most doctors will tell you to check your sugars and use a sliding scale to dose insulin.

This, this information has been a total and complete life changer for me. Using this information, in one day I was able take my sugars from the 2 and 300’s down into target range and keep then there.

I can not thank you enough. This information as presented here should be the standard in diabetes education! I had all but given up hope of ever controlling my diabetes. I was frustrated and felt like I had zero ability to control my sugars. Now armed with this new information, I feel confident, and optimistic that I will finally after 20 some years finally be able to control my sugars. Thank you!”

~ Sincerely yours, Anonymous

Student Testimonials

“The staff here makes it comfortable for diabetics to discuss issues without ridicule. The staff is able to do this while obtaining improvements and results”

“The class was very informative and practical. The instructors artfully met each person where they were and tailored the class to their level and needs. Very well done and I will definitely recommend this to others.”

“Thank you for teaching me to be more knowledgeable and understand all the strategies and methods needed to manage my diabetes.”

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